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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pay Raises

The General Assembly appears unlikely to reject any hikes for lawmakers, judges and statewide elected officials recommended by the state Salary Commission following a Senate hearing on Jan. 17. Both chambers must approve a resolution rejecting the proposed salary increases by Feb. 1 or they automatically take effect. Senate Majority Floor Leader Charlie Shields, who chairs the panel that heard the resolution, said he doubts there is sufficient support for the measure to clear the committee. However, Shields said the committee will consider forwarding it to the full chamber for debate anyway.
Update: On Jan. 24, the House voted 118-37 to reject pay raises recommended by the state Salary Commission for judges, lawmakers and statewide elected officials. Although the House easily mustered the necessary two-thirds majority, it is anticipated the measure will fall short of the 23 votes needed in the Senate.

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