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Friday, August 1, 2008


Without public ceremony, Gov. Matt Blunt on July 10 defied the will of Missouri voters by signing a bill into law that repeals Missouri’s limits on individual donations to political candidates. Voters first imposed the limits in 1994 with 73.9 percent support. In an attempt to minimize press coverage of the bill, Blunt’s office didn’t acknowledge that SB 1038 had been signed until late the next day, a Friday. Putting out controversial news late on a Friday is known as “taking out the trash,” since the resulting stories will end up in the Saturday papers, which typically have low readership.

Under current law, individual donors can give no more than $1,350 to a statewide candidate, $675 to a Senate candidate and $325 to a House candidate per election. When it takes effect on Aug. 28 – after the Aug. 5 primary elections but before the Nov. 4 general elections -- donors will be allowed to give unlimited amounts to candidates. SB 1038 is sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph. Most Republican lawmakers supported the bill while nearly all Democrats opposed it.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that Republican Matt Blunt (and all his fellow Republicans)would support a bill that promotes favoritism and paybacks? The state government should be attempting to earn the trust of the voters - not create more mistrust by allowing them to accept unlimited campaign donations by special interest groups, etc. Obviously Mr. Blunt has never had the interest of the citizens of Missouri at heart, except for those with the largest pocketbooks. What a sneak.

Anonymous said...

The selfishness of Blunt's approach and the pandering to Republican's concerned only with their own wallets is damaging to generations of Missourians.
Is there no recourse to undue this campaign greed?