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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Posted on behalf of the Marti Frumhoff Memorial Organization

Dear Friends of Marti Frumhoff: We are officially launching Marti's Tower Grove South Memorial Park site.We need your support in making this happen and providing for long term maintenance of the Memorial in TGS. 10th ward Alderman Joe Vollmer is actively working with us to actualize our vision of the space. We have the support of the TG Business Association. Professional horticulturist and TGS resident Peggy Hoelting has volunteered her time and talent to designing the Memorial Garden. We need donations to make this happen, please consider helping us honor Marti. http://www.martifrumhoffmemorial.org/
Please post this information to your blog and list servs.
Christian Herman
Christopher Thiemet
Project coordinators

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