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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Last of the Survey Results

These are the last of the results I have from the 67th District survey sent out earlier in the year. Please see the other post from 4/11/07 for more details on how the survey was conducted.

#9 Do you support eliminating state taxes on social security benefits for all seniors?
No Opinion-4.2%

#10 Do you support a law that would allow a citizen to use deadly force against those who unlawfully enter dwellings, residences, and vehicles even if there is no apparent danger to their life?
No Opinion-3.8%

#11 Do you support raising boarding fees and increasing tax rates on gaming boats?
No Opinion-7.0%

#12 Should the state allow slot machines in businesses other than gaming boats?
No Opinion-5.7%


Anonymous said...

Based on my understanding of the current tax situation for social security, question #9 is a bit misleading. Approximately half of Missouri seniors are already exempt from paying tax on this income (anyone who earns less than $25k single or $32k married). The largest tax breaks would go to those people with the largest incomes. Certainly there are better ways of targeting assistance to those seniors most in need of financial help....

Source: http://www.semissourian.com/story/1187508.html

State Rep. Mike Daus said...

Good point 15htwardstl,
For clarification I only listed the main question on the blog. However, on the survey I always try and give the pros and cons to each measure we may be voting on. Here's the exact wording of question #9 as it appeared on the survey:

This bill would exempt senior citizens from state taxes that are currently paid on Social Security benefits.

Supporters say this bill could go a long way to give our seniors much needed relief.

Opponents point out that senior citizens who currently earn less than $27,000 a year ($32,000 for couples) are already tax exempt and that the wealthiest one-third of Missouri seniors would enjoy 98% of this “tax cut”.

Do you support eliminating state taxes on social security benefits for all seniors?

_________yes ___________no