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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"Special" License Plates

Here's an interesting bill that we heard in the Transportation Committee today. In a nut shell it allows the Department of Revenue to issue a "special" license plate for those who have had their license suspended for over 60 days. Expect the plate to be flashy because law enforcement testified for the bill because it would also give them probable cause to pull drivers with these plates over. Another bill filed dealing with the same subject recommended a hot pink color.


Unknown said...

What good does a special plate do when they shouldn't be on the road anyway??????

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a "scarlet letter" be more effective?

State Rep. Mike Daus said...


The special plate would be law enforcement's "OK" to pull them over. Right now people with revoked licenses drive but law enforcement has no way of knowing who they are.

State Rep. Mike Daus said...


That arguement prevailed on this bill: http://www.house.mo.gov/bills071/bilsum/perf/sHB224P.htm