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Thursday, April 5, 2007


The Senate on April 4 approved a bill to rename Medicaid as MO HealthNet and make other changes to the state health care program for the poor. Under a 2005 law, the program is slated to be eliminated next year. The bill, SB 577 repeals that sunset.

The measure doesn’t restore coverage to any of the 180,000 Missourians who lost it when lawmakers cut the program two years ago. Republican senators defeated attempts to restore coverage. Democrats, however, were successful in expanding health screenings and family planning services for tens of thousands of women.


Anonymous said...

The medicaid overhaul bill is a travesty. I participated in one of the "listening groups" convened in St. Louis by the Dep't. of Health and Senior Services.
There I learned that one will have to "earn" credits to obtain dental care. Since when is dental care a luxury rather than basic to general health?
Nothing will be done to help people with disabilities if they can't do enough calisthenics and aerobic workouts to "earn" their spot on the medicaid rolls.
People like me, with diabetes, can "earn" care by losing weight. Huh?! I'm already at the perfect weight for my height.
What are some details about the "health police" -- in other words who will monitor the poor to see if their life-styles and food choices conform to state mandates? How much will we spend on "health police" rather than on taking care of people who are medically indigent?
Why not eliminate profiteering insurance companies with their CEOs' limousines and vacation mansions? Their Bloat is not healthy for Missourians!
[PS: There's a typo in your "About Me" info.]

State Rep. Mike Daus said...

I'll be voting against SB577 unless some drastic changes are made to the bill.

And thanks for the heads up on the spelling in the "bio", changes have been made.