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Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Appellate Judicial Commission on July 27 denied Gov. Matt Blunt’s request for all documentation related to the panel’s selection of three finalists for a vacancy on the Missouri Supreme Court.

Through his counsel Blunt asked for all transcripts, notes and other information from the commission’s interviews with all 30 applicants for the post. In declining the request, the commission said its proceedings are confidential under Supreme Court rules. Critics of the selection process say the court’s rules are trumped by Missouri’s Sunshine Law, which requires most governmental proceedings and records to be open to the public.

The three finalists selected by the commission are all members of the Missouri Court of Appeals. They are Judge Nannette Baker of the court’s Eastern District and Western District Judges and Western District Judges Patricia Breckenridge and Ronald Holliger.

On Aug. 2 Blunt asked the finalists to complete an 111-question survey that includes extensive requests for documentation. Blunt has until Sept. 30 to make his selection. If he fails to do so, the commission will make the appointment.

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