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Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the Desk of Mike Daus

This week the house debated HB1463 which would prohibit the entrance of undocumented students into public institutions of higher education. Whether you are sympathetic or not to the plight of undocumented students, this bill has a major flaw.

Every year the public institutions of higher education in this state would have to certify to the appropriation committees of the General Assembly that they had not enrolled any undocumented students. Sounds easy enough but from testimony in the committee hearing some of our larger universities would have a difficult time insuring this could happen in a cost effective manner. If they did enroll an undocumented student they would face state funding restrictions. This in turn would increase tuition at our institutions of higher education to make up for the short fall.

I know many in the 67th district disagree on how to handle the issue of undocumented workers, students and residents but I hope we can all agree that punishing our young students with even higher college costs is not the answer.

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Anonymous said...

U r right - punishing children for the alleged transgressions of their parents is downright cruel, inhumane and unfair punishment.