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Thursday, June 12, 2008


The Associated Press, Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch are seeking to join a lawsuit against Gov. Matt Blunt that seeks copies of potentially damaging e-mail records the administration allegedly tried to have destroyed. An independent investigator looking into possible violations of state open records and record retention laws by high-ranking administration officials originally filed the lawsuit in May.

The e-mail controversy began in September when reporters began looking into potentially improper political activities by Blunt’s then-Chief of Staff Ed Martin. Scott Eckersley, an attorney in Blunt’s office, later was fired for advising the governor that Martin and others were breaking state laws by deleting e-mails sought by the media. According to the investigator’s lawsuit, Blunt or top aides ordered the destruction of backup tapes containing the deleted e-mails but were thwarted when two information technology supervisors with the Office of Administration refused to comply because the e-mails were subject to pending open records requests.


Anonymous said...

I don't see what all the fuss is about regarding the alleged deleting of emails. I think someone's emails ought to be private, regardless of who they are or whether they're using a taxpayer funded computer or not. I guess I have to side with Blunt on this one.

Anonymous said...

The point is, Judi, that these people are our PUBLIC elected officials. The e-mails pertain to ILLEGAL activities by PUBLIC officials. If they weren't breaking the law or doing something they shouldn't have been doing, then they wouldn't have to delete e-mails. Are you so used to corrupt officials that it just doesn't bother you any more?