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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Real ID

Yesterday I joined Rep. Jim Guest in the House Lounge for a press conference regarding HCR 20. HCR 20 is a resolution that rejects the implementation of the Real ID act in the State of Missouri. I have concerns about the Real ID act. I don't like the fact that the federal government on one hand encourages us to live our lives as normally as possible without fear of terrorism but at the same time they mandate that we all start carrying mandated ID cards in order to perform daily activities. The resolution does a good job of explaining what the Real Id is and some of our objections to it, you can view the resolution at the following link: http://snipurl.com/19pc3
To date, two other states have taken legislative action to stop the implementation of the Real ID act and 37 other states have legislation pending.
On a side note the picture clearly indicates what my wife has been telling me for several weeks: I need a hair cut.

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