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Thursday, February 15, 2007

SLPS and the State Take Over

I've just been informed that the State Board of Education has voted 5-2 to take over the St. Louis City School Board. I would estimate there are approximately 70 people on the side gallery here in the chamber. They came to Jefferson City to show their support for the elected School Board.
At http://www.pubdef.net/ there is a report that a lawsuit is expected.


Jason Spray said...

I oppose a state takeover. I do not feel that enough time has been given to the district to recover from the disaster that Roberti and his team created. Also, time needs to be given to the district and the school board to move forward once two new members are elected. The two seats that will be vacated in April will allow for a more cohesive board that has the best interest of the children.
Jason Spray, M.A.Ed.L
School Board Candidate

Anonymous said...

Im convinced a state takeover is the only solution, the elected slps people are not even trying to fix the problem, they just squabble over every little detail.