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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Gov. Matt Blunt on April 9 appointed to the Missouri Ethics Commission an associate attorney of the law firm in which Andy Blunt, the governor’s brother, is a partner. If confirmed by the Senate, Michael Schmid, a lawyer with the Jefferson City firm of Schreimann, Rackers, Franka and Blunt, will hold a Democratic slot on the commission. The news release from the governor’s office announcing Schmid’s appointment neglected to mention the Blunt family connection.

Democrats and Republicans are required by law to hold equal numbers of seats on the six-member commission. Under the law, congressional district committees of the political party for which there is a vacancy nominate candidates for the commission. Democratic Party spokesman Jack Cardetti told The Associated Press said Schmid wasn’t nominated by the party. However, the two Democrats who were nominated withdrew due to professional conflicts. As a result, Blunt was free under the law to appoint a nominee of his own choosing.

Cardetti questioned Schimd’s Democratic credentials. Schmid donated $250 to Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon’s gubernatorial campaign on April 1 and told the AP he made the donation, in part, to establish Democratic credentials in advance of his anticipated appointment.

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