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Thursday, April 10, 2008


In what has become an annual ritual, the House of Representatives on April 3 approved a bill to repeal Missouri’s motorcycle helmet law for riders age 21 and older. The bill typically passes each year in the House, where most lawmakers believe wearing a helmet should be a personal choice and not a government mandate, only to be blocked in the Senate by safety advocates. The House sent the measure, HB 1393, to the Senate on 94-52 vote.


Unknown said...

Scientific hypotheses are not facts. Their truth cannot be proved. Unfortunately, when a large U.S. government agency states motorcycle helmets saved lives, many believe it to be fact. In reality, it is simply an assumption backed up by, at best, anecdotal evidence. Likewise, claims that the elimination of helmet laws will cost taxpayers untold millions. If the absence of helmet laws actually caused a rise in insurance premiums and created a huge public burden, there wouldn't be 30 states that allow free choice.

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German style DOT helmet said...

I agree with aalicemark. It's a personal problem of every rider - whether to wear a helmet or not. If you are driving 30 km/h alone on the road, you aren't likely to hit the tree. But at the same time you can be killed by some crazy truck-driver. So, it's just up to you whether to choose high-quality helmet or buy usual scum.

Fakharuddin40 said...

Whenever I ride my motorcycle, I always use my helmet. I think that using a good helmet is very necessary for our safety.

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Anonymous said...

The time to repeal the helmet law is NOT during the legislative session. It comes earlier, when bikers take to the campaign trail and work for candidates who support repeal.

RIDE2REPEAL.COM connects campaign volunteers with biker-friendly candidates. Its simple and it works. And with each victory we get one vote closer to a legislative majority.

The debate wil never end. But as soon as bikers shift their strategy from talking about it to doing something that gets results, we'll start winning.

Find out your candidates' positions on our website, and then help them win. Our opponents don't do campaign work. And the only way they can beat us is if we don't, either.

Now you know the deal. It's RIDE2REPEAL