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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Missouri will begin phasing in new vehicle license plates this summer. The new plates will feature a bluebird, the state bird, sitting on a hawthorn branch, the state floral emblem. The new design will replace the current Missouri plates that have been in use since 1997.

Motorists who renew their vehicle registrations after June 16 will receive the new plates, which will cost an additional $2.78 per set over the current cost for standard plates. Personalized plates will cost an additional $4.25 per set.


Anonymous said...

At a time when EVERYTHING is costing the American taxpayers more and more, you think this is the time to re-invent the license plates? This is the most pressing issue you have to deal with? This is ridiculous! Is there anyone in Jeff City with ANY common sense? Apparently not!

Rep. Mike Daus said...

It is the department of revenue that issued the new plates, not he Missouri Legislature.

Anonymous said...

What's with the grey double helix, left of midline on the license plate?