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Thursday, April 17, 2008


While the House of Representatives endorsed giving up to $880 million in tax breaks over 22 years to a Canadian airplane manufacturer, a similar bill remains stalled in the Senate after several days of debate. The legislation is a key part of the state’s effort to convince Bombardier Aerospace to build passenger jets in Kansas City.

The House gave preliminary approval to its bill on April 15. Supporters of the bill say the positive impact on Missouri’s economy if Bombardier were to locate here is worth the cost of what is likely the largest package of tax breaks the state has ever offered for a single project. However, Bombardier has stated its first preference is to build the planes in its home country. Opponents say the offer is overly generous and would subject the state to substantial financial risk. The bills are HB 2393 and SB 1234.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you know what? If we started selling off parts of the country that would generate additional income too. We should start with the President's ranch in Texas or the governors mansion in Missouri.

I think you would sell your own mother if you thought you could make a buck! Can you say CORRUPTION?

Rep. Mike Daus said...

I voted 'no' due to the fact that several very good amendments that would have protected the state were voted down.

I don't think I would sell my mother for a buck. I guess I'm not corrupt enough yet.