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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another New Superintendent

A week after Rick Sullivan was confirmed by the Missouri Senate it was announced that the Special Administrative Board (SAB) of the St. Louis Public Schools will begin a search for a new superintendent. Although they encouraged current superintendent, Diana Bourisaw, to apply for the job she has declined and I can’t say that I blame her.

For all the debate I heard a year ago about the need for stability this seems to be a step backward. I understand the argument from the SAB that they were not the board who hired her and that she was hired without an open process but now was not the proper time given the numerous issues of trust people have with the SAB.

Perhaps the SAB will find their version of the perfect applicant but in my personal opinion it will be difficult to find someone who will perform the job with the grace, integrity and composure of Diana Bourisaw. She was caught in the middle of some incredibly complicated situations and from what I saw she always handled them with the upmost professionalism. I wish her luck in her future endeavors as I do the SAB in their search for her replacement.


R J Hudlow said...

There is something crazy about the idea that the superintendent is an adjunct to the board and must be change3d when a new board comes on line. The board is to assist the superintendent, to help find money for valuable programs. The superintendent is trained for the whole job including managing money and has an accountant to keep everything in balance.
The superintendent is not to be the pawn of the board, but that is what the SAB wants.
Williams was released because he could not effectively run the district. He had some good ideas but not the managerial skills to implement them. The elected board had to find someone fast and Bourisaw was free and at hand. She was hired for the interim but she soon proved her worth by getting the district ready to start school on time---even though there were about 1,000 teachers to be rehired, other personnel changes, children to transfer and buildings to prepare. She has continued to be a hardworking, caring and effective superintendent. Bourisaw is the people's choice.

R J Hudlow said...

There will be a candlelight vigil and rally to thank Dr. Bourisaw for her willingness to help us. It will be on Feb. 28 at 5:30PM at 801 N. llth. We wish her well but wish she could be here.

Join us, all who benefited from her caring work.