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Thursday, February 21, 2008

From the Desk of State Rep. Mike Daus

Today the house approved HJR 55 which "reconfirms" a citizen's First Amendment right to pray and worship in all public areas. I was the last to speak on the resolution before it was passed by the house. My remarks focused around the fact that while the legislature is in its seventh week and many Missourians are concerned on how they will pay for health care, housing expenses and education, we were spending our time "reconfirming" a right that all Americans already have. "What we are telling Missourians today is that we're not ready to help you solve the many problems you face but we are ready to reconfirm your ability to pray about it." To me this isn't good government. HJR 55, if passed by the Senate, will go before a vote of the people in the November election.

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